Career Change
Typical Profile:

  • Typically aged between 35 and 55 years
  • Often worked in same company for a number of years
  • Very experienced in their market/industry
  • Currently in role but looking to prepare for next appointment to another company as a promotion.
  • Have been made redundant, and need to get themselves 'race ready' for the market.
  • Have often been in the same company and had few interviews in the past.
  • Concerned and lacking in confidence about being able to find new job

"When I first met Peter my confidence, self esteem and direction in life were at an all time low. Through the structured yet informal approach of his coaching I embarked on a self learning process that enabled me to clarify my successes, the environment within which I would succeed and most importantly directed me towards ensuring my lifestyle was aligned with my personal values. After only a couple of sessions with Peter I found myself able to focus and begin the new job search feeling confident and competent in the tough and challenging selection processes that followed.
As a result of Peters coaching I feel refreshed and ready to take on the challenges within the great new job that I have just landed!"

Operations Director, Services Company