First 100 days


Executives and business owners go into new roles determined to make an impact, and be productive as early as possible. Yet they soon find themselves being overtaken by the demands of the business, and the reality of not focusing on those areas that will help get the information and early results they are looking for. This is where working with a coach on the critical first 100 days can really set them up for success. This programme helps focus on the key areas of the business. We will work with the executive to develop a plan with clear measurable targets that will ensure they get clarity on the strategy and needs of the business, identify the needs of key stakeholders, assess the team and their fit in the business, and stay connected to what is important in the role.

Who will benefit?

  • Directors and Executives starting a new role
  • Business owners
  • Senior managers starting a new job
  • Managers promoted to their first senior level role

And the outcomes?

The executive will get clarity and a plan with measurable targets and milestones that will enable them to be confident and comfortable in their role. With their coach, they will have an external, objective, and trusted partner they can work with to share ideas and issues as they emerge.