Leadership teams of SME companies

The senior management team of any business is made up of the heads of their respective parts of the business, reporting to the Managing Director or Chief Executive. As individuals they are highly competent and experienced managers, but more infrequently than not, do not have the experience of working as an effective team leading a business.

We work with the management team to move them from a group of people committed to delivering their individual share of a target, but not necessarily aligning on priorities, to becoming a high performing team that has the same characteristics as a team, and one whose members are aligned and deeply committed to one another’s personal growth and success.

This work is carried out through a combination of team and individual coaching, team workshops, facilitation, observation and feedback at meetings. We carry out the programmes working very closely with an organisation who have a range of tools and processes that enable a business to analyse strategy, team alignment and performance measurement.

Through this work we help a business to build their understanding of the environment they are working in, agree on the actions and priorities the team must focus on, and the capability to measure whether these actions deliver as expected.