Planning for your next career

If you find yourself in this situation, one of a number of situations may be happening to you.

  • You are being made redundant.
  • You are at a time in your life where you want a complete change of career.
  • You are not happy where you are, and want to change jobs.

In all these scenarios you have now got an opportunity to really plan that next move. After all, how often have any of us spent time thinking about ourselves during our careers? It was too easy to just got on that roller coaster, and numerous years later wonder where the time went.

Preparing for the next step, and any job move, takes a lot of planning - if you want to be successful. Thinking through your life, what you are good at, when are you at your best, when you are happiest and most fulfilled. Clarifying your strengths, and your values that underpin everything, takes a lot of hard work, which is impossible to undertake on your own.

"Peter really helped me to recognise my strengths and unique skills. Most importantly he helped me become comfortable actually talking about my achievements and myself and increased my confidence in handling high-pressure interview situations."

Senior Officer, Metropolitan Police
(who gained a promotion following our work together)