Start Ups
Typical Profile:

  • Business set up by one or two people, often friends or colleagues from previous job
  • Company typically based in London, Thames Valley and Oxfordshire areas
  • Company been in business between start up( a few months) and 3 years
  • Owners age between 25 and 30
  • Turnover between £100,000 and £4 mill
  • Numbers of employees between 1 and 15
  • Owners have deep knowledge of their area
  • Owners entrepreneurial in their approach
  • Company experienced rapid growth in early life
  • Entrepreneurial leaders getting bored, looking to next idea and take ‘eye off ball’, and spread themselves ‘too thin’.

“From our very first coaching session we have immediately realised the value that his guidance and coaching brings. He pushes us to set goals and work through how we are actually going to achieve these goals. He is excellent at ‘unblocking’ us, and giving us clarity. Peter’s wealth of experiences in business shines through.”
MD of Marketing Agency