Team Members

I have an extensive and diverse network of contacts, developed over the many years that I have been in business. A number of these have become close associates who have a variety of skills and experience that, when the opportunity is appropriate, are introduced to clients. These enable me to provide an enormous breadth and depth of support to meet the individual and team needs of a client company.

This is the benefit one of my clients gained from working with me,
"What I believe makes Peter truly different (and how he adds massive value) is that he is thinking about my business and how to improve it all the time. I get calls from him regularly to introduce me to people he has met that he believes can and will add value to my business".
Managing Director, Recruitment Consultancy

I also work closely with a number of young entrepreneurial organisations, NACUE and Oxford Entrepreneurs for example, which enable me to 'tap' into the new, and fast changing world of Gen Y.