Holding up a mirror to your business – coaching’s contribution to better business management

by MSM Coaching on 1st October 2012

If you’re a business owner or company executive, you know that running a business can often be lonely. Not only are there many important challenges concerning its direction and profitability to face, but also working relationships to manage and your own personal development to consider.

Much of this may be highly confidential with the freneticism of the modern business world allowing little opportunity to talk such issues through, bounce off ideas or think out loud.

Enter the business coach, an objective outsider who can hold up a mirror to your business. But if you’re already succeeding at what you do, what possible value can a coach add to what you’re doing already? Surely coaching is just for those looking for easy answers to the obvious rather than getting on with the job?

These are all doubts that I recognise and understand but, I do maintain, they can equally be part of a stockpile of excuses for not tackling the thorny issues that all business people must come to terms with at some time or another.

Everyone in business has challenges they struggle with – for example, over company direction, funding, strategy, profitability or staff.

These might break down into the viability of the sales pipeline during a downturn, say, or the sustainability of any current success going forward.

Because so many busy executives live in a permanent state of siege, they can lose sight of the bigger picture. Opportunities to break away from day-to-day pressures become rarer and rarer as they roll up their sleeves and fire fight. Yet everyone needs to step off the treadmill of deadlines and obligations and take time out.

I provide the space to share and discuss business issues openly while allowing the client to gain perspective. Opening eyes, challenging preconceived notions and acting as a sounding board for a whole range of key decisions all help clients to decide actions for themselves.

How do you cope when in a state of siege? I would love to hear from you. Email me at