The power of networking

by MSM Coaching on 2nd April 2011

I've just had a great week, primarily because, through my own networking, three people in my network have benefitted from introductions I have made, and also I gained two new clients through networking. I thought it worth then, just spending a couple of moments sharing my approach to networking.

As a coach I get the biggest kick from clients reaching goals, developing new skills, and extending their capabilities beyond what they previously thought they were capable. The other thrill I get is by connecting them with people who can help them or their business in some way. I have always enjoyed networking; meeting people, listening to their stories and learning about their businesses, challenges and goals. Through this approach I look for ways I can help them, and where possible connect them to someone who can add value for them. Networking for me is about building relationships, listening, and where possible, helping and connecting. At some point in time, it provides me with enormous rewards - the personal satisfaction of helping others, and the business that ultimately comes from networking and recommendation. The latter takes time, there is never a guarantee it will happen, and frankly if networking was just about looking for work, I wouldn't do it. It's just not me.

One of my clients once said of me, "What I believe makes Peter truly different (and how he adds massive value) is that he is thinking about my business and how to improve it all the time. I get calls from him regularly to introduce me to people he has met that he believes can and will add value to my business"

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