by MSM Coaching on 10th September 2012

Well, what a year so far! Jubilee Celebration followed by Olympics and then Paralympics. We’ve waved our flags with fervour, cheered ourselves hoarse and spoken to strangers in a way we'd never previously have contemplated. So, what have we learnt about ourselves and life in general?

We've certainly seen that the seemingly impossible is in fact, with incredible determination; grit (yes I know it's old fashioned but I'm going to use it anyway!) ; the support of serried ranks of indomitable coaches and of course the roar from eighty thousand partisan throats – possible!

Wouldn’t it be a shame though if we put all this down to a great experience and didn't delve a little deeper, taking that delving away with us and using it both in our business and personal lives? Let's analyse what exactly it is that happened, why the feel-good factor? I’d suggest it’s because for the time we were involved, whether on a bridge in the rain watching the Royal Barge pass or jumping and shrieking with excitement as Mo crossed the finishing line, we were part of a tribe. All rooting for the same thing at the same time and because, as human beings we're genetically programmed to be part of a tribe - it felt good, it felt right. So, can we take that feel- good, oxytocin-flooding factor into our business lives? The resounding answer to that is Yes We Can!

In fact all that’s actually needed is the knowledge that people do want to feel part of a team. So when you focus on that, ensuring people feel an integral and important part of whatever you’re doing, you’re actually forming your team into a tribe - the results might astonish you.

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