by MSM Coaching on 10th December 2012

Planning any New Year Revolutions (sic!) any major changes? So, what's on your horizon - a house move, a holiday, new car? And what plans might you be mulling over career-wise?

Are you running your own business?

  • Where's it going in 2013?
  • What new networking and social media strategies are in your pipeline?
  • When did you last dust off and update your website?
  • When did you last actually look at it?

Are you running your own team?

  • Where are you going in 2013?
  • When did you last radically change the way your department outputs?
  • Which areas/individuals could do with a good shaking up or dusting down?
  • What plans do you have in place for adding to your own skill set?

One last question over which to ponder. If you were to give a snap assessment on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not worth writing home about!) of what you've achieved in 2012, what might that number be? And another question - OK I fibbed! - what would you like it to be in 2013?

Now I'm going to guess your assessment may have veered towards the bottom end of the scale, whilst your second crept far more to the top. Well, I hope you're not allowing undue modesty to give you a lower score, be proud of what you have achieved this year and give yourself a pat on the back. But when it comes to the 2013 aims, yes a high score's a great idea.

How are you going to make that happen? Putting on a different hat is always a good idea and not half as daft as it sounds. Think about it, each of us habitually looks at our business or team from our own viewpoint. Try putting on a different hat.

  • How are your management skills viewed by your staff?
  • Are there things you do or ask with which they might not agree?
  • Are they being given the chance to express that?
  • How much time have you spent talking to individuals in the last few months? (really talking, chatting not instructing.)
  • How much do you know about them as individuals, their family situation, their hobbies, their ambitions?

I can already see some of you raising your eyebrows getting ready to mutter 'Too touchy, feely.' But in fact research proves that the greatest performance enhancers are relationships, so the relationship you have with the members of your team is intrinsic to their performance and to your business - not so touchy feely now?

So, before we wind up 2012 and slide smoothly in 2013, here's just one more thought. Career development is essential to each and every one of us. Make sure, before 2014 looms large that you've added at least one something to your skill set. Because:

a) In today's job marketing it's essential.
b) It will make you feel good.
c) You're worth it!

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