by MSM Coaching on 17th September 2012

. . . So said Hillary Clinton in her 1996 book and that title came to mind when I was recently glued to the screen and the brilliant Paralympics. There can be no doubting the dedication, determination, bravery and sheer, back-breaking hard work of the amazing athletes who have shown us gloriously how far they’ve triumphed over individual disability. However, I don’t think there’s a one amongst them who wouldn’t immediately say “But of course, I could never have done it on my own!

Indeed, behind every successful competitor - both those who had us roaring them on to victory in the Olympics and those who had us screaming for their success in the Paralympics – is a group of people, a team on whose willing shoulders the athletes stand. They include parents who have not only provided unlimited taxi service at unearthly hours but have sat patiently day after day on the side-lines of freezing training tracks. They are the skilled engineers and technicians who have designed, built and modified the incredibly complicated prosthetics and chairs which give mobility. They are the trainers who have been tough enough to always demand that little bit extra, and then more on top of that. And of course, it goes without saying, those who work behind the spotlight are every single bit as important as those who are in it.

And what an invaluable lesson for those of us running our own businesses or managing teams within a larger organisation. The fact is no individual on his or her own can achieve as much as can be achieved with a well-oiled and intentioned team backing them all the way. And the foundation of a great team? Well I can only venture my own thoughts and those are that there must be:

  • Faith in what they’re working towards.
  • Conviction they can get there.
  • Acknowledgement of the powerful and pivotal role each of them play.

I know each of you reading this will have your own foundation stones on which to build success and I’m always so delighted to hear from you what those might be.

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